What is Ozone?

Ozone is a kind of un-stable gas which constitutes of three Oxygen atoms. It is a higher version of Oxygen that is present within the atmosphere and that constitutes of two atoms.

The difference between Oxygen and Ozone molecules is; Ozone, in nature, occurs when the rays coming from the sun breaks up oxygen, or when the thunders resulting from rain clouds break up oxygen molecules. Further information about Oxygen.


R&D (Research and Development)

Teknozone Ozone Systems; produces key-ready solutions of Ozone Engineering within the fields in need. The company has a long term engineering background on Design of Ozone Processes and the production of Ozone Devices-Equipments; and its general structure of organization constitutes of Engineering Units of Projects, R&D and Production. R&D Studies can be classified under topics such as The Improvement of Ozon Processes Continue »

Teknozone Ozone Systems

Teknozone Group, with a long term past contribution within the sector which has been supported in terms of products and services till nowadays, has set it as a principle to provide perfect customer satisfaction by presenting the most appropriate services for the needs of the sector; and by melting all of the problems at a central point; and by answering the needs on time without sacrificing from the quality.

Together with its domestic and foreign references, it has gained a significant position within the sector; and it has improved its reliability by providing un-interrupted service to its references. Continue »

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